Orlandian Combat Academy


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Places of interest

The OCA is basically a small town, there exists all the usual features of a community as well as several which are specific to its purpose.

  • Ganvan Foxwald Hall – Named for the Academy’s founder (Content Not Found: ganvan-foxwald, this building is home to the dining hall, the kitchens and a lecture theatre.
  • Library – The Academy’s library contains a large number of maps and books on all sorts of subjects, though it is nothing in comparison to Varnalus’ Great Library.
  • Training Centre – As well as the few training areas which the Academy maintain outside their walls, they also have the training centre where students can hone their combat skills and work on their general fitness levels.
  • Stables – The Academy keep a good stock of both Chocobos and Horses on campus for use by faculty or in training.
  • Hero’s Rest – The only bar on campus! This inn has a moderately sized common room generally used by initiates as well as several private rooms which tend to be reserved for HEROs.
  • Foxwald Manor – This grand building is the home of Head of the Academy, Content Not Found: egraine-foxwald.

Orlandian Combat Academy

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