Hey nerds!

Welcome to the Final Fantasy D20 wiki! The tabs on the left take you to different sections of information about the world of Vellenor and the story that is unfolding within it.

  • Front Page – Brings you back to here.
  • Forum – For discussing whatever, probably won’t be used much.
  • Adventure Log – This is where records of game sessions are uploaded. The idea being to build the story as experienced by the characters and to provide a reference back to plot points, etc.
  • Wiki – An encyclopedia of everything within the game world e.g. places, groups of people, events, etc.
  • Characters – A list of characters that exist within the world including player characters (PCs).
  • Items – A list of all known items and their effects e.g. potions, weapons, armour, mythical items.
  • Maps – Maps of countries, city layouts, etc. Could even include maps of specific places as sketched out by players whilst exploring.
  • Calendar – Will put stuff on here but game sessions will likely be organised through Facebook or whatever.
  • Maps – World maps, maps of towns, etc.

Please feel free to edit or add whatever you want!

Final Fantasy D20

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