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  • Isaac Toro

    A muscular, grizzled, middle-aged black man with an eye-patch. He is currently an instructor at the [[oca|Orlandian Combat Academy]].

  • Cibah

    A rather beautiful young elven lady with light brown skin and a quiet but pleasant enough demeanour. A scar on her left cheek and a tight, muscular frame indicate that there's more to her than a casual glance might suggest.

  • Reginald

    Reginald is a bald, middle-aged white man. He's a big guy with a short temper and a face made ugly by a nose that has clearly been broken more than once.

  • Mara Foxwald

    Mara has big blue eyes, long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, mike-white skin and a sumptuously curved body. She is training to become a white mage so that she can heal the sick and wounded. Her enrolling at the [[oca|Academy]] has lead to the status …

  • Hernandez Alamilla

    Originally from [[donana|DoƱana]], Hernandez is a handsome, mustachioed man with olive skin and an alluring voice. He claims it is his destiny to become both the world's greatest fighter and the world's greatest lover.

  • Omar Evalesco

    A rather timid young man from [[varnalus|Varnalus]]. His mother passed away about a year ago and his father abandoned them long before that. Unable to make it through life on his own he joined the [[oca|Academy]] and discovered a talent for black magic.

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