Final Fantasy D20

The Reaper

The dramatically named introductory adventure.

Having been accepted into the Orlandian Combat Academy and spent a week getting settled in and undergoing some basic training; the players were required to undergo the Academy’s initiation exam.

This exam took the form of a series of trials within a forest near the Academy, informally known as ‘The Reaper’ because you either reap what you’ve sown or the reaper’ll come for you! The players were lead out to the forest by Instructor Isaac Toro in groups of three. The trials consisted of questions about the Academy and its history, a short puzzle/teamwork exercise and combat against monsters such as wolves, boars and funguars. The final test was taking down the giant boar, Zaghnol.

Having completed the test the groups were told that they should go clean themselves up and have a rest before their scores would be posted on the noticeboard in the quad later that day.



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